Working Papers (2009)

16. Title: The Lottery Receipt's Effect on Tax Declaration in Urban China
Author: Junmin Wan
File: WP-2009-016.pdf (264KB)

15. Title: Adjacent manipulation:
A new criterion on manipulability of social choice functions
Author: Shin Sato
File: WP-2009-015.pdf (312KB)

14. Title: The Lottery Receipt Experiment in China
Author: Junmin Wan
File: WP-2009-014.pdf (453KB)

13. Title: On strategy-proof social choice under categorization
Author: Shin Sato
File: WP-2009-013.pdf (653KB)

12. Title: The Optimality for Indirect Taxes
Author: Hiroaki Fujimoto, Junmin Wan
File: WP-2009-012.pdf (622KB)

11. Title: A choice of poverty alleviation program under double asymmetric information about income and productivity
Author: Yui Nakamura
File: WP-2009-011.pdf (315KB)

10. Title: An I(2) Cointegration Model with Piecewise Linear Trends:
Likelihood Analysis and Application
Author: Takamitsu Kurita, Heino Bohn Nielsen, Anders Rahbek
Published as: Kurita, T., Nielsen, H. B. and Rahbek, A. (2011). An I(2) cointegration model with piecewise linear trends. Econometrics Journal,14, 131-155.

9. Title: A Solution to Tax Evasion
Author: Junmin Wan
File: WP-2009-009.pdf (424KB)

8. Title: An Empirical Investigation of Monetary Interaction in the Korean Economy
Author: Han Gwang Choo, Takamitsu Kurita
Published as: Choo, H.G. and Kurita, T. (2011). An empirical investigation of monetary interaction in the Korean economy. International Review of Economics and Finance, 20, 267-280.

7. Title: Travel demand function of Korean tourists to Japan:
Exemplifying the potential value of utilization of inbound micro-behavior data of foreign tourists.
Author: Saburo Saito, Hiroyuki Motomura
Reproduced: Saburo Saito, Hiroyuki Motomura, Masakuni Iwami, Chap. 21 Travel Demand Function of Korean Tourists to Kyushu Region, Japan. In: Advances in Kaiyu Studies: From Shop-Around Movements Through Behavioral Marketing to Town Equity Research. Saburo Saito, Kosuke Yamashiro (eds) (New Frontiers in Regional Science: Asian Perspectives) Springer 2018/12/13

6. Title: Impacts of Multivariate GARCH Innovations on Hypothesis Testing for Cointegrating Vectors
Author: Takamitsu Kurita
Published as: Kurita, T. (2013). Exploring the impact of multivariate GARCH innovations on hypothesis testing for cointegrating vectors. Communications in Statistics - Simulation and Computation, 42, 1785-1800.

5. Title: Empirical Modelling of Fixed Investment in Japan:
The Role of the Term Spread
Author: Takamitsu Kurita
Published as: Kurita, T. (2011). An empirical model for Japan's business fixed investment. Journal of Economics and Business, 63, 107-120.

4. Title: A Signal-to-Noise Ratio for Hypothesis Testing on Cointegrating Vectors
Author: Takamitsu Kurita
Published as: Kurita, T. (2010). Effects of a signal-to-noise ratio on finite sample inference for cointegrating vectors. Mathematics and Computers in Simulation, 80, 2033-2039.

3. Title: On Statistical Interpretations of the Semi-Logarithmic Loss Function
Author: Masato Kagihara, Kiyoshi Yoneda
File: WP-2009-003.pdf (289KB)

2. Title: An Empirical Linkage between Monetary Base and Broad Money:
I(2) and I(1) Cointegration Analysis of Monetary Aggregates
Author: Takamitsu Kurita
Published as: Kurita, T. (2013). Modelling time series data of monetary aggregates using I(2) and I(1) cointegration analysis. Bulletin of Economic Research, 65, 372-388.

1. Title: The Fisher Open Equation and Long-Run Real Exchange Behavior:
A Cointegration Analysis of Korea-US Economic Linkages
Author: Han Gwang Choo, Takamitsu Kurita
Published as: Choo, H.G. and Kurita, T. (2012). Real interest parity, real exchange rate behavior and current account: Exploring Korea-US economic linkages. Journal of Korea Trade, 16, 1123.


1. Title: 最小矩形法による正値母数推定の統計的側面とその方法論的可能性について:バイアスを含んだデータへの応用可能性
Author: 鍵原 理人
File: WPJ-2009-001.pdf (772KB)