Working Papers (2014)

7. Title: Modeling the nexus of US monetary policy rule and inflation over the past quarter century
Author: Han Gwang Choo and Takamitsu Kurita
File: WP-2014-007.pdf (904KB)

6. Title: Size and Composition of Public Education Expenditure in a Model of Human Capital Accumulation
Author: Katsuyuki Naito and Keigo Nishida
File: WP-2014-006.pdf (445KB)

5. Title: A decomposition of strategy-proofness
Author: Nozomu Muto and Shin Sato
File: WP-2014-005.pdf (336KB)

4. Title: 女性の労働時間の推移
Author: 玉田 桂子
File: WP-2014-004.pdf (4,115KB)

3. Title: Caveats in assessing the instability of adjustment parameters in
a cointegrated VAR system
Author: Takamitsu Kurita
File: WP-2014-003.pdf (301KB)

2. Title: The dual relationship between the cotton industry and indigenous textile manufacture in modern China*
Author: Masataka Setobayashi
File: WP-2014-002.pdf (769KB)

1. Title: Prevention, Hard and Soft Landing of Bubble
Author: Junmin Wan
File: WP-2014-001.pdf (668KB)