Working Papers (2017)

7. Title: 経済学における公衆の発見 ─J. M. ケインズと精神医学思想─
Author: 山﨑 好裕
File: WP-2017-007.pdf (2,431KB)

6. Title: Bubble Premium, Bubble Prevention, and Bubble Landing
Author: Junmin Wan
File: WP-2017-006.pdf (584KB)

5. Title: Bandwagon Effects and Local Monopoly Pricing In Professional Team Sports Market
Author: J M Kang, Y. J. Ryu, Peng Liu
File: WP-2017-005.pdf (950KB)

4. Title: Public investment criteria under optimal nonlinear income taxation without commitment
Author: Shigeo Morita,Takuya Obara
File: WP-2017-004.pdf (348KB)

3. Title: 外地帝国大学における経済学者たち ─鈴木武雄と楠井隆三を中心に─
Author: 山﨑 好裕
File: WP-2017-003.pdf (672KB)

2. Title: Testing parameter constancy in I(2) cointegrated VAR models
Author: Takamitsu Kurita
File: WP-2017-002.pdf (646KB)

1. Title: Identifying potential one-way policy instruments in an empirical macroeconomic system
Author: Takamitsu Kurita
File: WP-2017-001.pdf (401KB)