Working Papers (2018)

10. Title: Bubbles in China, Greece, Japan and the U.S.
Author: Junmin Wan
File: WP-2018-010.pdf (899KB)

9. Title: The Occurrence, Landing, and Prevention of Pricing Bubbles in China
Author: Junmin Wan
File: WP-2018-009.pdf (334KB)

8. Title: Industrial Investments and Housing Prices in China
Author: Qiqi Qiu and Junmin Wan
File: WP-2018-008.pdf (363KB)

7. Title: 荻生徂徠とカンティロン
Author: 山﨑 好裕
File: WP-2018-007.pdf (525KB)

6. Title: Effects of Entry Restriction on Free Entry General Competitive Equilibrium
Author: Mitsuo Takase
File: WP-2018-006.pdf (253KB)

5. Title: Indirect Policies for Poverty Alleviation through Education Systems in Developing Countries
Author: Yui Nakamura
File: WP-2018-005.pdf (340KB)

4. Title: 不生産的消費概念の展開:マルサスからバタイユへ
Author: 山﨑 好裕
File: WP-2018-004.pdf (462KB)

3. Title: Effects of Skill Mismatches on Wages by Level of Employment Protection
Author: Keiko Tamada
File: WP-2018-003.pdf (1901KB)

2. Title: マルサス人口論と農業問題:計量経済学のアメリカ農業経済学における起源
Author: 山﨑 好裕
File: WP-2018-002.pdf (794KB)

1. Title: Modelling the real yen-dollar rate and inflation dynamics based on international parity conditions
Author: Synne S. Almaas and Takamitsu Kurita
File: WP-2018-001.pdf (337KB)