Working Papers (2008)

5. Title: The backward-bending commute times of married women under household responsibility
Author: Shinichiro Iwata, Keiko Tamada
File: WP-2008-005.pdf (305KB)

4. Title: A Poverty Alleviation Program with Public Works under Asymmetric Information
Author: Yui Nakamura
File: WP-2008-004.pdf (337KB)

3. Title: Common Stochastic Trends and Long-Run Price Leadership in the US Gasoline Market
Author: Takamitsu Kurita
File: WP-2008-003.pdf (277KB)

2. Title: Cointegration and Multiplicative Seasonality:
Application to CPI Inflation in Japan
Author: Takamitsu Kurita
File: WP-2008-002.pdf (194KB)

1. Title: Likelihood Analysis of Weak Exogeneity in I(2) Systems and Reduced Econometric Representations
Author: Takamitsu Kurita
Published as: Kurita, T. (2012). Likelihood-based inference for weak exogeneity in
I(2) cointegrated VAR models. Econometric Reviews, 31, 325-360.


1. Title: 全商品剰余定理と被搾取主体としての労働(改訂版)
Author: 藤田 之彦
File: WPJ-2008-001.pdf (352KB)