Working Papers (2020)

7. Title: Optimal School Policy to Increase Benefits Through Education
Author: Yui Nakamura
File: WP-2020-007.pdf (280KB)

6. Title: The Impact of Housing Bubbles on Industrial Investments in China
Author: Junmin Wan and Qiqi Qiu
File: WP-2020-006.pdf (709KB)

5. Title: パンデミックと貨幣:世界経済システムの再生のために
Author: 山﨑 好裕
File: WP-2020-005.pdf (457KB)

4. Title: 周回する五行-服部中庸と巫部経彦-
Author: 山﨑 好裕
File: WP-2020-004.pdf (463KB)

3. Title: 対話の哲学と金光教における「進化する神」概念 -近代日本精神史への宗教経済論的アプローチ-
Author: 山﨑 好裕
File: WP-2020-003.pdf (521KB)

2. Title: A regime-shifting approach to modeling the Canadian-US dollar exchange rate:
Four decades of the post-Bretton Woods float
Author: Takamitsu Kurita and Patrick James
File: WP-2020-002.pdf (654KB)

1. Title: 稲垣徹之進と坂市太郎:ジェボンズ『石炭問題』と近代日本採炭業の黎明
Author: 山﨑 好裕
File: WP-2020-001.pdf (270KB)