Working Papers (2011)

14. Title: The Lottery Receipt’s Effect on Provincial Tax Revenues in China
Author: Junmin Wan
File: WP-2011-014.pdf (464KB)

13. Title: The Image of Banks
Author: Ritsuko Arioka
File: WP-2011-013.pdf (179KB)

12. Title: Saving Thought, Theory and Evidence
Author: Junmin Wan
File: WP-2011-012.pdf (303KB)

11. Title: Organizational Forms, Borrowing Capacity and Antitrust Law
Author: Yasumasa Akabane
File: WP-2011-011.pdf (349KB)

10. Title: Bubbly Saving
Author: Junmin Wan
File: WP-2011-010.pdf(836KB)

9. Title: Optimal Income Taxation without
Unintentional Negative Taxes to the Poor
Author: Hiroaki Fujimoto and Yui Nakamura
File: WP-2011-009.pdf (1.48MB)

8. Title: Effects of New Entry in a General Equilibrium Model
Author: Mitsuo Takase
File: WP-2011-008.pdf (511KB)

7. Title: Informational requirements of social choice rules to avoid the Condorcet loser
Author: Shin Sato
File: WP-2011-007.pdf (293KB)

6. Title: A simulation-based analysis of parameter-stability tests using conditional cointegration models
Author: Takamitsu Kurita
File: WP-2011-006.pdf (216KB)

5. Title: A small econometric system for inflation-demand nexus in Japan
Author: Takamitsu Kurita
Published as: Kurita, T. (2011). A parsimonious econometric model of inflation-demand nexus in Japan. Advances and Applications in Statistical Sciences, 6, 153-173.

4. Title: Korea’s monetary interaction model revisited:
Investigating the role of an effective won exchange rate
Author: Han Gwang Choo and Takamitsu Kurita
File: WP-2011-004.pdf (420KB)

3. Title: Preventing the Bubble Effect
Author: Junmin Wan
File: WP-2011-003.pdf(337KB)

2. Title: Exploring the dynamics of the unemployment rate:
A reduced representation of Japanese data
Author: Takamitsu Kurita
File: WP-2011-002.pdf (279KB)

1. Title: An essence of the impossibility for constructing strategy-proof social choice correspondences
Author: Shin Sato
File: WP-2011-001.pdf (239KB)